Secondary 1

Our Secondary School is a natural progression from our existing Primary School, however entering our program from another school is entirely possible at the Secondary phase.  Our goal is to prepare our students, bi-lingually to either continue with their education toward University work, or to develop their working skills as they choose their future career paths.   We continue with our philosophy of small class sizes and cater each child’s program specifically for their individual strengths and goals.


Class Teacher

Marcelle Baer

+41 61 301 00 69
Marcelle Baer

Semesterly Tuition Costs:

Secondary 1
CHF 12’575.–

Secondary 2
CHF 12’575.–

Secondary 3
CHF 12’575.–

Snacks and Lunch
CHF 1’125.–

Registration Fee
CHF 100.– (due to time of application for each student new to BLIS)

Enrollment Fee
CHF 400.–

Reductions and Discounts
Family discounts are offered by BLIS and are pro-rated over the 10 month school year:
CHF 1’000.– per year for a second child enrolled at BLIS.
CHF 2’000.– per year for a third and any additional child enrolled at BLIS.
2% discount for non-company sponsored student when payment is made in full is received prior to the first day of school.


Download the following Registration Form:

Registration Secondary School

Fall Break
28.09.2024 – 13.10.2024

Teacher Training Days
28.11.2024 + 29.11.2024

Christmas Break
21.12.2024 – 05.01.2025

Fasnacht Break
01.03.2025 – 16.03.2025

Easter Break
12.04.2025 – 27.04.2025 

Labour Day

29.05.2025 + 30.05.2025

Whit Monday

Summer Break
28.06.2025 – 10.08.2025