New Name – New Website

The original ‘Tour and Play in Basel Kids Camp’ was established in 2002 with the intention of providing holiday care for local children. It quickly grew in size and reputation and in 2007, ‘Kids Camp International’ (KCI) was born. We kept the words ‘Kids Camp’ in the title to be sure that our customers recognized that we were associated with the previous, very well respected, camp programs that we had established.

However, as we have grown and our school has expanded, we began to re-evaluate the name and thought that we had, in a sense, out-grown it. 

Once we decided to add a Secondary School to our program, it was clear that we had to adjust the name of our school to better represent our program as a whole. 

We fell in love with the name ‘BLIS’ because it illustrates that we are an International School located in Baselland, but also that the acronym, ‘BLIS’ (Bliss) reminds us of the happiness our families have enjoyed over the years in our program.

So, new name! New Website! But same quality and family oriented services which we have always provided!  Thanks for joining us on our journey!

New Name – New Website